Role: UX Unicorn
Duration: 1 Week
Tools used: Pen & paper, Omnigraffle, Sketch, Photoshop, Pop-app, Invision
For my first project as a UX Designer In Training at General Assembly's UXDi, I was asked to research, design and test a mobile application to solve a
major struggle in a fellow student's everyday life.
I designed a  "smart" job hunting app that would take into account how proficient and how interested is a user in every skill-keyword he enters. This would enable the app to suggest relevant job listings.
In the research phase I conducted a number of interviews with my user to understand his traits behaviors and needs. I found out that he was struggling to find freelance web design contracts in London and that the current job hunting apps he was using did not help him achieve his goal. I decided to try to help him with that problem.

Based on the insights I gained from my research, I concluded that Nacho's problem 
can be solved by a  job-hunting app that will have a solid understanding of the following: 

-The level of proficiency of each of Nacho’s skills 
-Their relevance to his current needs 

An app like this  will be “smarter” and more efficient in helping him find relevant job listings.
I began the Design phase by satting down with Nacho and conducting a number of ideation sessions in which me and him sketched various design concepts. I actively involve users in every stage of the design process to ensure
that my designs meet their needs. I then created the user task flow and based on that I rapid prototyped a number of design concepts which I tested with Nacho and then iterated based on his feedback.
My app's primary aim is to help people find jobs and that is why I wanted its brand to reflect trust and efficiency. Since the app would be able to make “smarter” job suggestions, I wanted it to also reflect intelligence. I created a mood board followed by a number of style guides which I tested with users and iterated. Based on the style-guide I created a high fidelity clickable prototype which I then tested with users. I saw that although the circular representation of the skill attributes was received positively in the paper prototype, users were having a hard time to grasp the concept of the "smart circle" in this high fidelity version. After testing I saw that vertical bars worked the best. Also, based on user feedback I created various iterations of the interface and some final changes on the information architecture and interaction design.
Latest Clickable Prototype
Overall Nacho and most job seekers with which I tested the app were delighted but it's simple yet efficient
concept and by the app's ease of use. I am pleased with the outcome and plan to develop it further.

The concept of Jobz is brilliant and should have been common sense. It would make the job-hunting process so much easier. ” - Ayo Tomori, Graphic Designer